A warm evening, crowded bar in the city center, you and your friends are sitting at the table, in front of you there is a glass of wine that gives you a lot of pleasure. Next to many colorful delicacies that stimulate your taste buds. They capture you with their taste, aroma, but at the same time with some kind of simplicity that you can't explain. From the clay bowl you can see chorizo sausages long stewed in red wine (maybe even the one you have in the glass?), green peppers are smiling at you, olives attract with flavors and colors, and the pieces of cheese are mixed with aromatic cold cuts. You raise a glass in a gesture of toast. It will be a nice evening.

Autentic spanish cuisine

In spanish Pepita is a stone. The basis of Spanish cuisine are olives - we marinate them ourselves to create unique flavors. We rely on products straight from Spain and fresh seafood. Our dishes are made from the beginning - we bake bread ourselves and marinate vegetables, create our sauces or season beef. We focus on simplicity with a hint of creativity - we want to preserve traditional spanish flavors, but with the addition of modernity and a bit of youthful courage.

Let's taste!

We adhere to the philosophy of "picotear" - trying everything. We want you to try our dishes, but you do not have to limit yourself to choosing one. Choose, mix, try and enjoy the flavors of Spain! You will find here various types of pinchos and tapas, also vegetarian, seafood and homemade bread, main dishes and desserts. For this you will drink wine or other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Finally, you will take a bottle of wine with you!

Find us

Pepita Tapas & Wine Bar
ul. Gliwicka 49, 40-853 Katowice
tel. 533 989 634

Tapas is not only food, it's a way of life

The first in Katowice TAPAS & WINE BAR opened its thresholds for lovers of good food and good wine. There will be Spanish cuisine, but also other delicacies. After all, tapas are simply small snacks. It will be simple but ingenious. And all the pleasure of food will boost your well-chosen wine (or beer if you prefer).
We invite you to our tasting dinners - there will be tasty food and delicious wine!

Basques and pintxos - tasting

Is the Basque Country still Spain? Where did the toothpicks motif in their kitchen come from? Why is this region with the most Michelin stars? We will answer these and other questions on our tasting of wine combined with pinchos - a culinary classic of this region. It is there that you will find small sandwiches in various versions. We invite you for a tasting on February 1 2019 (Friday) at 19:00, subscriptions by e-mail or by phone, price PLN 79 / person
The menu includes 5 spanish wines, 4 pinchos and shark soup

~ Pinchos ~
  • Baby chorizo & quince
  • Goose stomach & apple
  • Liver & chorizo
  • Cow's cheese & capers
  • Tortilla & parsley mayo
~ Tapas ~
  • Tortilla & garlic aioli
  • Croquetas & jamon serrano
  • Squid & garlic aioli
  • Shrimps, garlic & wine
  • Mussels, chorizo & wine
~ Main dishes ~
  • Empanadas, deer & fuet
  • Paella, chorizo & seafood
  • Burger, eggplant & manchego
  • Seafood plate
  • Octopus, chorizo & vegetables

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Paulina Woźniak

owner, sommelier, admirer of good food and good wine

Favorite grape variety?
Viognier. It gives full, ripe and juicy wines with a beautiful golden color. Usually lighter without barrel or heavier, more oily. It is this barrel which is my favorite, and if we add to it the notes of apricot and honey ... Or maybe I just have a fondness for it, because it was Viognier from Chateau Grillet I was celebrating the first sommelier with?

Everyday wine?
Bubbles. It's a classic every day and holiday wine. The bubbles are always good, they will be great for fast food, sumptuous dinners, but also for the evening on the couch. For me, Cava plays the first violin, especially in summer!

Favorite spanish dish?
Everything! I love fish, seafood, cheese and cold meats. Especially if I can mix it all and try many flavors at the same time!

Izabela Zemła

chef, lover and seeker of new flavors

The most interesting region in Spain?
Andalusia. Here you can combine several cultures and a lot of flavors. This is the place where Spain, Africa and the United Kingdom are at your fingertips

Farotite fish or seafood?
Definitely a red gurnard. Mainly because of its interesting appearance. My favorite seafood is definitely a squid.

Why tapas bar?
This is the only such place in Katowice. It has a lot of potential, we want it to be here like other tapas bars in Spain - where each guest would come out happy after eating a few or a dozen mini versions of dishes and drinking good wine.

Bettina Żygłowicz

help, specialist in croquetas and fondants

Favorite spanish product?
My favorite Spanish product is jamon serrano - a ripening ham. It has a strong and distinctive taste which is great both solo and in combinations.

Favorite spanish dish?
Fabada asturiana. Because I am a huge fan of meat, and there is a lot of it.

Favorite dessert?
Churros. I like donuts, so they definitely convince me in the spanish version!

Pepita Tapas & Wine Bar
ul. Gliwicka 49, 40-853 Katowice
tel. 533 989 634